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Magical Musings Blog By Lady Amaris

Walk Boldly into the New Year with this Road Opening Ritual

New Year New Beginning Rituals usually include the lighting of a candle and writing of petitions. This technique is a little different. Performed at the beginning of the year, it is a great way of getting rid of the old year and welcoming in the new year. Paving the way for new opportunities to present themselves in the new year and just to shaking off the funk of the previous year.

Simple Banishing Spell with Limes

Many people in the past have asked me, “I feel like I am cursed, or someone has put something on me. What can I do?” This is a simple spell you can use to find out if you are.

Simple Home Protection – Door Protection

That is the intention. Basically, keeping the stuff that you don't want out and letting the stuff that you do want in, it's not a total you shall not pass barrier for everything.

Looking for a Coven? Things to Keep in Mind.

What you do in the beginning of your journey can mean the difference between, having a wonderful positive transformative experience with the Path of the Witch, or a not so great one, making you wish you didn’t rush ahead, in this video and on the path.
13 things new witches should know blog post hero image

13 Things New Witches Should Know

I have been practising witchcraft since I was in my mid teens it took me years to find out some of these things on my own. Back in the day there was no Youtube or Internet so if you didn't know any witches, you had to search out what you could find from the library or bookshops and if you were lucky you could find an Occult store near you.
How to use spell oils, in your witchcraft spells

How to use Spell Oils

One of the most frequently asked questions of anyone coming to my store is. What do I do with these oils? How do I use them?

So you want to be a Witch

No ancient incantations intoned over sacred fires will instantly make you a Witch. Many lessons and knowledge, cannot be taught, they must be experienced. The Witch Spark is alive in many, and can be seen with the right eyes open. Not all that hold the spark with fan the flames and become witches, but they will carry that spark to future generations that will.