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Welcome to the blog


It is the first of many future posts that I know will be enjoyable, humorous, thought provoking, challenging and jam packed full of….stuff…..from my brain….Hmmm could be dangerous.

This post was taken from a post written for my Coven Website The Circle of Heka Coven.

Now hopefully you have had a little look at the website and others and have a bit of an idea about what witchcraft, wicca and paganism are. If not, then that’s fine as everyone has their own beliefs, ideas and opinions on what witchcraft, wicca and paganism are, and are not. If you talk to five people randomly in the Pagan/Wiccan/Witchcraft community, you will get five different answers.

So whats right?

Good question. Let’s look at it this way. You wake up one morning, you go about your normal morning rituals, and you start preparing breakfast. Now  instead of having  what is commonly accepted as Breakfast food combinations, ie. eggs, cereal, bacon. You start making a Butter Chicken Curry…..you sit down, eat it and you feel happy and content, you are ready, full of energy to take on the day. At the end of the day, it has been long, you have accomplished many things, so you decide to make yourself a bowl of cereal and sit down with a good book. First thing you are thinking may be, WTF does that have to do with the question? The other thing maybe, but you cant have Curry for breakfast, curry is not a breakfast food. One other thing you are probably thinking is…mmmm Butter Chicken…..or maybe that’s just me. (Note to self, don’t write when hungry).

The thing is, some people need ridged guidelines, a process, a recipe. Things need to be placed in neat little boxes, that can be placed on a shelf, so that when people come by you can point at the shelf and the boxes and go, ‘….see I know, I have all the answers, everything fits in the box and all is right with the world’. So for them, it is breakfast food at breakfast, lunch at lunch and dinner at dinner. Pagan is this, a Wiccan is this, a Witch is this. All black and white, no shades of grey, no possibility of deviation from the pre plotted path, no imagination, no wonder, no majick.

Now don’t get me wrong, when you are starting out, it is good to have some guidelines. Like learning to drive a car, you get in, you put on your seatbelt, you put your foot on the clutch, you start the car, you check your mirror etc for traffic…blah…blah…blah. Lets call it foundations, and when you are starting  you are all bunny hops, stalls and grinding gears. But as you go, with practice, you become more relaxed, you learn to read the road, feel the gear changes, trust your instincs. And as you know everyone has a different way of driving, we are all different and no one way is the better way. If it feel right to you, and being a Pagan to you is XY and Z than that’s cool.

Its when you start trying to put people into your definitions of what this or this is, and if they do not conform to your ideas, things get ugly. That’s when you get, snobbery, bigotry, and huge inflated egos, spouting that my way is the oldest, right, true and handed down by divine order to me, the one who will show you the true way…blah…blah. Wars are started over this, arrogance.

Quick note: if anyone tells you that they have all the answers, and theirs’ is the best and only true way. RUN, run away. Again, wars are started over this, arrogance.

So with that, I will give you my insight into this magical life. Take what speaks to you, discard what doesn’t.

I wish you well on your journey through this live, may we grow and change and every day become more and more aware of the divine beings we are.

Blessed Be!

Lady Amaris