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About Us

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It's a kind of magic

The Heka Story

HEKA Arcane Apotheca create handmade, and bespoke enchanted items to help you achieve your every day, magickal  and spiritual goals. Our magickal products can be used by those new to magick and by seasoned professionals. We take pride in crafting products by hand, that are infused with energy and charged with intent, to help you achieve your specific desired results.

Be it for love, protection, financial freedom, success, finding a new job or spiritual enlightenment. Fusing old world witchcraft with new. Our easy to use spell kits, enchanted candles, spell oils, powders, charms and more. Providing you with the tools, to help you manifest your dreams. All items are either made on order, or created in small batches to ensure, quality and potency.

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Origin Story

Founded in 2017,  HEKA Arcane Apotheca was born out of the disappointing lack of quality witchcraft supplies  available in Perth Western Australia. Because of this Amaris has crafted much of her own spiritual supplies herself over the years. As a natural extension of her witchcraft path, she decided to provide, good quality, authentic occult supplies, to her community.  

Witch, High Priestess, Occultist and

Badass Creatrix

Amaris has been deeply involved in various forms of spirituality and occult practices for over three decades. For the past seventeen years she has been the leader or High Priestess of her own coven, (The Circle of Heka) running classes, workshops and making magick.

Like many people in occult circles, she was fascinated from a very early age,  by all things esoteric and supernatural. With the majik and mystery of witches and witchcraft stirring something deep insider her. 

During her teens in the late eighties, she began her journey as a solitary witch. Tapping into her Irish and Slavic heritage, performing rituals, spells, brewing all manner of potions, making dolls, dolls and more. 

In 1997 she found and was then initiated into a coven, where she began learning about group ritual work, deepening her knowledge of the craft and learning the covens tradition of Elfame, with a sprinkle of Alexandrian mixed in for good measure.

Then in 2004, Amaris took over the running of the coven from her High Priestess and changed the name of the coven to the Circle of Heka, to reflect the new coven direction. The Coven has continued to be a great source of challenges, growth and understanding. 

The shop, HEKA Arcane Apotheca, is Amaris’s baby. She has always loved getting her hands dirty in the practical side of witchcraft. Creating the oils, powders, charms, candles and many other handmade items you can find in the store.

She hopes you enjoy the items just as much as she enjoyed making them.

Many Blessings.

Lady Amaris of the Circle of Heka Coven.