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Heka Witch School

Interested in learning about witchcraft? HEKA Witch School, may be for you.

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In-Person Courses

Live in Perth Western Australia and interested in learning about witchcraft? HEKA Witch School, may be for you. Our face to face courses, are designed to help you build an effective witchcraft practice and build community. Facilitated by Lady Amaris and the Circle of Heka Coven.

Current Available Courses

Practical Magick – Mastering the basics of Spell Craft

Way of the Witch – Foundations of Witchcraft

Online Classes

Learn at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home. Our online school is almost ready for enrolment. I am in the middle of converting my existing  lesson material into a comprehensive online format.

Our online school will begin  “Beta Testing” soon, to provide a comprehensive, relevant online course experience. Once done, the course will be refined and made available to the public in mid to late 2024.

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Heka Witch School

Course Beta Tester
Application Form

As a Beta Tester you will have access to the course at a discounted cost. In return for your honest feedback, and customer reviews.

The answers to the following questions are held in confidence and are only asked so I can put together, a balanced as I can group, to test the course.