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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If you don’t see your question about our witchcraft supplies, just send us an email.

Can I use the Spell Oils in my oil burner?

No you cannot. Spell oils will clog up your oil burner. Spell oils are not the same as Essential Oils and have different uses. Click the link below to watch our information video.
Information Video

This oil doesn't smell very nice, or I can't smell anything.

Spell oils are for spells and are created for that purpose. They are not perfume or essential oil blends. Meaning the smell or lack there of will be determined by the purpose of the oil. D.S.M.F Oil will have a repellent unpleasant smell. Love Oil has a nice smell.

How do I use the spell oils.

Spell oils are used in spells, you can rub them on candles. Anoint yourself or things, such as doors or objects for protection. Click the link for more information.
Information Video

What is inside your spell oils, powders etc?

Sorry, I don't share my receipies. I wouldn't ask to read your diary, same thing. If you have allergies to certain things and are concerned, please contact me and I will let you know if the product contains it.

Who makes your products?

I do. I am a one woman micro-business. Each product unless stated, is made by my hand from raw materials, at the appropriate times and moon phases. Most items are made in small batches to maintain quality, with some being made on order.

Can you guarantee results for your spell work?

For legal reasons I cannot guarantee results from workings. I put a large amount of my time and energy into every working, to achieve the best outcome for you. What I can guarantee is my years of experience as a witch, during which time many of my workings have been successful.

Can you guarantee your products will work for me?

No. There are a limitless number of variables that can hinder the success of your spell. Our products are ritually made with intent, giving your spells or rituals an extra boost and improving the odds for success. But we can not guarantee your spell will work.

When will I get my order?

Please allow 3-5 working days for orders to be processed (custom items may take a little longer). Shipping days are Wednesday and Friday. Once dispatched, a tracking number is sent, from then it is subject to the timings of the postal service provider.

Is my private information safe?

We value our customers and their privacy. None of your information will never be sold on to third parties. Your information is used for shipping your item to you or for questions concerning your order. All financial transactions are handled by PayPal's secure website.