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Magickal Services

Person, Home & Business Clearing,

Cleansings & Blessings

Our homes and workplaces are often a dumping ground for highly charged emotional energies. These accumulated energies often pool together, and if left unchecked can stagnate and adversely affect occupants, with symptoms such as depression, feeling anxious, fighting, troubled sleep, lack of energy and illness.

When would you need a space clearing or blessing? At regular cross-over points throughout the year such as at Spring, Autumn, New Years Day. Or the beginning of a new stage in your life, such as, moving into a new home or work premises, a marriage, a birth, or if spirit-influences are involved.

Our cleansing ritual is performed using a range of old world witchcraft techniques, designed to cleanse, consecrate, bless and protect your home, family members, or place of business. Depending on if it is a standard or full cleansing ritual, the ritual includes fumigation with various herbs and resins, blessed water, ritual fire and protection powders, salts and protection charms.

Please contact us for further information on how we can help with your situation. Cost will depend on your location and the level of cleansing ritual being performed.


$100….. Basic Cleansing Ritual for Property

$160….. Full Cleansing Ritual for Property  (includes wards and protection charms)

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Spellwork, Coaching and

Magickal Consultations

Once we are back up and running.
HEKA Arcane Apotheca will be providing coaching, spellwork and magical consultations, to help you navigate your spiritual path.

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