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Handmade and Bespoke

Witchcraft Supplies

for those who still believe in magic


and Many Blessings

Located in Perth, Western Australia, HEKA Arcane Apotheca create handmade, and bespoke enchanted, spiritual and occult items, including witchcraft supplies and custom spells, to help you achieve your every day, magickal  and spiritual goals.

Our magickal products can be used by those new to magick and by seasoned professionals. We take pride in crafting products by hand, that are infused with energy and charged with intent, to help you achieve your specific desired results.

Not Just Another Generic Witch Shop

Passion & Expertise

Witchcraft is in my DNA, it is the reason I get up in the morning. Practising for over 40 years, it is my life. My passion, knowledge and love for the craft, goes into everything I make.

Handmade Items

All our magical products are handmade and charged in small batches, to maximise quality and magical power. We keep to a minimum, generic mass produced magical products.

Bespoke Items

As we hand make magical items, we also make custom items designed for particular people and purposes. As well as creating one off items are also hand made as spirit guides me.

Education & Support

As the High Priestess of the Circle of Heka Coven. The store provides practical authentic witchcraft education and support for our products, services and their uses. Including lessons & workshops.

Spellwork, Coaching and

Magickal Consultations

HEKA Arcane Apotheca and the Circle of Heka Coven will be providing cleansing & blessings for your home, business and person. In the future we will be offering Magical Consultations, Coaching, and Spell Work, to help you navigate your spiritual path.

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Take an online class with us at

Heka Witch School

Learn at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home. Our online school is almost ready for enrolment. I am in the middle of converting my existing  lesson material into a comprehensive online formate. If you are interested in helping out and becoming a “Beta Tester” for the course material.

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