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Simple Banishing Spell with Limes


Many people in the past have asked me, “I feel like I am cursed, or someone has put something on me. What can I do?” This is a simple spell you can use to find out if you are.

The video uses limes, but you can use lemons as well. It is simple to perform and is a very good way of finding out if you truly are cursed, or just experiencing a run of bad luck. This can also be used if you have some low level negativity sent your way, usually in the form of jealousy.  This spell will often neutralise this energy and in most cases is all you need.

We will be going through a simple little banishing spell that you can do yourself and we’re using limes today, you can use lemons if you like. Let’s go through some of the ingredients:
1 plate, white. Paper preferred.
3 Limes – lemons can be used if you don’t have limes.
Holy water – some form of blessed water.
White Rum or Vodka

The limes will soak up negativity and anything that maybe directed at you. If you believe that you have a spell put on you, then it can be redirected and placed into these limes and away from you. If you have any kind of negativity that you believe is directed your way whether it’s people who are speaking ill of you or if anything that you feel that may be directed at you, this will dispel it. It will soak it up and will get rid of it.

A paper plate is used because you can dispose of the spell in one piece. Next is three good size limes, they don’t need to be big whopper ones, and remember you can use lemons instead if you cannot find limes or like me you prefer your limes in a Mojito. We also have some salt, basic from the supermarket is fine, it does need to be anything fancy. A bit of holy water, it is up to you as to what you define Holy water to be. If holy water to you means blessed water from a priest then that’s what you use. If holy water means to you that you have consecrated some water and some salt together and you’ve now made that into holy water then that’s holy water for you. If it means Florida water or any kind of other magical water that has been blessed in some fashion then that is holy water. Next is a little bit of White Rum, or Vodka and lastly a knife to cut the limes/lemons.

To begin, place the three limes in your hand, sprinkle your holy water over the limes and ad a smidge of rum or vodka. It will get a little bit messy but that’s what witchcraft is all about. Now with these limes starting from your head and working down your body, you will go over your body lightly with the limes. As you do, you are feeling and seeing, any negativity, any negative energy that is on and in your body, and of this energy that is directed to you, is now being sucked into and put into these limes.

Instead of going into you, they are going to be pulled into these limes and you can say a little prayer as you do this. It can be whatever you like. As an example

“I banish all negativity from me, drawn into these limes it will be. I am safe and secure. So mote it be.”

You will say that six times as you go over your body from the head down making sure that you work on as much of your body as you can, feeling that any negativity is being drawn into the limes. You can see that negativity and it’s drawing into those limes so. You’ll keep going and you’ll do that for six times, with head to toe being one time.

Take your paper plate and place the lime on the plate. We will then cut the limes into four quarters. The trick here is to not cut all the way through. Cut half way, to three quarters of the way down the lime, then open up so that it looks like a flower.

Now we cover them with salt. Salt draws in the negativity it sucks it into itself and soaks up that negativity. Salt is used by many magical practitioners as a way of cleansing a space. Any negativity that’s drawn to us, any baneful magic that may have been directed our way, evil eye whatever it is that you feel may be giving you a bit of grief, will be pulled in by the salt and directed into these limes.

Next you place the plate of limes under your bed, under where you are sleeping. So if you sleep on a side you’ll place it underneath so that you will be directly underneath you when you sleep. If you sleep in the middle of the bed, same thing you place it underneath in the middle of the bed.

No room under the bed, then place it as close to you as you can. The bedside table, on the floor next to the bed. Just be sure it is not in a position where you can step on it or knock it over in the night. Leave the plate of limes under your bed for nine days.

So lets recap, you have 3 limes, 6 prayers and then you keep the limes under the bed for 9 days. On the ninth day, look at your limes, if they are black, rotten and dark, that means that something was directed at you and it has now been neutralized. It has been placed into the limes and neutralized. If you haven’t seen anything and it is just nice and dry, then nothing bad has been sent your way. YAY!

The limes have just absorbed the random negativity that everyone has on a normal daily basis, nothing bad has actually been directed to you. If it’s black, rotting, and dark then you know that something definitely has been directed at you. With this knowledge you can you can do this process again, until the limes are free of black. Or you can consult a “professional magical practitioner” for something a bit stronger.

Once you have inspected the limes, grab everything together and place it in the bin. Even better, take it away from your property, take it somewhere out in the bush out in the forest and bury, or place it in a bin off your property.

Lastly, why do you have the lime spell underneath your bed while you sleep. Because while you are asleep you are vulnerable and the spell is a form of protection. Between the hours of around about 2:00am to 4:00am is when many practitioners of baneful magick will work as they know most people will be asleep unprotected.

I hope that this little spell is helpful to some of you.

Many Blessings,

Lady Amaris