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Simple Home Protection – Door Protection


That is the intention. Basically, keeping the stuff that you don't want out and letting the stuff that you do want in, it's not a total you shall not pass barrier for everything.

This is just a simple little technique that you can do to protect your home. It’s for the doorway, you can also adapted this for windows.

You want to keep your threshold, your doorway clean, if energy is moving towards your house, towards you. You don’t want it to clutter and stagnate in corners, you want it to be free-flowing. Make sure that your front door is clean, wash down the doors, sweep everywhere, make sure everything is nice and tidy and clean. As you’re doing it, make sure that you have the intent of cleaning away any kind of psychic build-up as well as that physical build-up that may have been on your front door. Once you’ve physically cleaned the door then you can use some kind of spray which is a way of protecting and doing a little bit more of a deeper spiritual clean.

In a little spray bottle put some blessed water, a little bit of salt, a little bit of rosemary. Just spray over the entire area, over the door itself, over the frame, it makes a psychic kind of barrier almost like a another door, that allows entry to people in general but, only people who have good intent, and are harmonious with the dwelling, are able to have access. As well as only spirits or entities that are harmonious to you and your family will be allowed through. That is the intention. Basically, keeping the stuff that you don’t want out and letting the stuff that you do want in, it’s not a total you shall not pass barrier for everything.

witches black salt 1

Witches Black Salt

Witches Salt is often known as Black Salt, Sal Negro or Drive Away Salt. Primarily used for protection, some uses include:
•  to ward off unwanted spiritual visitors.
•  sprinkle around the perimeter of home or spread across doorways and windows to ward off evil, unwanted visitors.
•  used to reflect slander and jealousy.
•  add to a floor wash to cleanse your home or ritual space.

The next thing that I use is a mixture of black salt and a little bit of sulfur, a little bit of salt and some red brick dust. Try and mix it up, don’t do the same thing every time, as you become predictable and you don’t want to be predictable when it comes to protection. Each time you set a lock, it needs a different key each time, so that entities or people that wish you harm, cannot find a way through your defenses, because they’re changing all the time.

The next thing that I do is underneath the mat I put some kind of protection symbol and again I don’t do the same thing every single time. I have a few of my own repeatable sigils that I do, but again I will mix it up and use different sigils and sigil combinations.

The easiest way to do this is with some blessed chalk. Go into any craft store, you’ll probably find kids chalk, you can have different colours if you want to use some colour magic. Simple white for protection is always good or you can use blessed chalk that has been made from powdered egg shells called Cascrilla and concentrated specifically for protection.

Once you’ve finished your sigil then you can place your mat over the top and no one is the wiser. It means that people who are going to walk across your threshold, it’s almost almost like going into a clean room, before entering a germ free zone. Any dross that you may have as you walk through it’s shaken off it’s taken off and you walk into the room clean without any kind of bugs.

Sigils can also be drawn using oil, on door frames, doors and handles.

dragons breath oil front

Dragons Breath Protection Oil

Can be used to anoint spell candles, to anoint the doors and windows of your home, and don’t forget your car.

I’ve also placed two Rosemary bushes on either side of the door for protection. Rosemary is really good for protection and I call them my sentinels, but any two bushes on either side is good for hiding your magic in plain sight, so that you can walk up to my door and you wouldn’t would be none the wiser that any protection spells are being used.

So for people who find that they aren’t able to overtly show their witchyness, this is a wonderful way of doing it. You’re doing your cleaning, you’ve got sigils that are underneath the mat so they’re not shown to the public and then if you have plants on the other side of the door, your plant pots you can have spell bags, you can have crystals, programmed with certain intent you can have sigils placed in there. There are hundreds of things that you can do, that don’t show on the outside what they are for, but will form a part of your witchy protection.

You don’t have to have pentacles your magick can be, hide in plain sight. The most innocuous thing could be the most powerful thing in the room.

Many Blessings,