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So you want to be a Witch


No ancient incantations intoned over sacred fires will instantly make you a Witch. Many lessons and knowledge, cannot be taught, they must be experienced. The Witch Spark is alive in many, and can be seen with the right eyes open. Not all that hold the spark with fan the flames and become witches, but they will carry that spark to future generations that will.

Many concepts in the following piece may, challenge your ideas and beliefs. You may or may not agree with all or any of what I have written. That is ok. What I do hope is that it makes you think. I have been a Witch for many years now. I was a Witch before I was Initiated into a Coven. GASP!! Blasphemy I hear some say. Yes I was, am and will always be a Witch. Now I have been around for while and I have seen many Witches and they all fall into two categories. Natural Witches and Book Witches. Now before you get on your high horse both in my eyes are valid. The first, like an athlete with natural talent, finds things come easier, concepts, feelings, ideas flow seemingly unhindered and they are off on their broom faster than you can say ABRACADABRA!! The later, doesn’t have the benefit of natural talent, pours over books, finds a teacher and works hard, for every piece of information, every insight. Now I know many, Witches that started as Book Witches and are now the most amazing powerful people you will know, and I know many Natural Witches that fell off the broom, walked into a brick wall and stayed there with a big question mark on their face.

You see, it does not matter where you came from, or how you found the craft. What matters is what you do with it.

Athletes with natural talent, still have to work, still have to train, yes it may come easier, but don’t rest on your laurels and whatever you do, don’t get cocky.

But I want to be a Witch……NOW!

I have found your coven online, so you have to Initiate me. I was thinking next month, yeah, that will work well. I can fit it in between my Zumba classes and my Cake Decorating course……Sorry honey, it doesn’t work that way, and if you think like that, you have no business being anywhere near witchcraft or this circle.

So you want to be a witch. WTF???? Why? Are you insane!?!

It requires a lot of hard work, and is not a weekend workshop and your done thing. Run…run away now and don’t look back.  I’m not joking….Run…go on…………what……. you’re still here?………Ok, if you insist…….Are you sure?

The path of the Witch is not for the faint hearted.

At times it is tough, at times tougher and at times very rewarding. You can no longer have your head in the sand. With your initiation, and even before it, you are sending up a flag into the universe,  a beacon saying, I’m ready, teach me. You will be challenged, and not all the lessons will be nice. You must be prepared to look at yourself with hard eyes and you may not like what you find. The Gods will challenge you, deity will find your weaknesses and place challenges in your path to toughen you up, and teach you.

How hard the lessons are, is up to you.

But remember when it starts getting real, you asked for this. “No I didn’t expect this”, I hear you say. 

Over the years I have listened to many in, and some now out of the craft community. Confused by Wicca/Witchcraft,  saying I came here because I want to be spiritual, and be bathed in light and happiness and rainbows and unicorns. But now my life has turned to shit, my life is upside down, I think this whole Wicca thing must be evil, cause I shouldn’t have so many problems in my life, were are the rainbows?

Hmmm, honey…it has to rain first for you to get a rainbow. You want to be spiritual and bathed in light and happiness? Well first you have to clear away all the shit that is holding you back, the fear, the misinformation, misguided beliefs. What ever it is, needs to be dealt with.  A Witch is strong, a witch knows their strengths and weaknesses, a witch is not afraid to look into their own darkness. A witch walks in the shadows between darkness and light and knows them both. This knowledge is not just handed to you on a silver platter, it must be worked for, it must be experienced. Books, teachers, covens can help you discover the keys to your true conscious, but you have to open the doors, and that takes courage.

“One does not become Enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the Darkness conscious. The latter procedure, however, is disagreeable, and therefore, not popular.” 

– Carl Jung

Here a Witch, there a witch, is everyone a witch…witch.

Now I am going to talk briefly on what I know a Witch to be. In the interest of pace, I will touch briefly on many things and some I will not talk about at this time. In future articles I will expand on some of these points. Now if you saw me walking down the street, I doubt that you would find me any different to the hundreds of other people walking along the same street…or would you?

I don’t wear witchy/hippy outfits – I toyed with it for a while but it’s just not me. I am aware that I wear a lot of black, but that is just because black is slimming and goes well with everything. 🙂 I don’t have pentacles and pentagrams blazing either, again I did wear one for a while but I don’t wear jewellery all the time. I have found it very draining to do so, but that is a story for another time.

So to the untrained eye I look just like everyone else, in a way that is true, and it is not. I don’t think that just because you study witchcraft you have to feed into the stereotype and dress in a witchy/hippy fashion. Not that there is anything wrong with dressing any way that you feel comfortable. I just don’t feel that there should be a uniform for witchcraft, and or believe that you have to dress a certain way to fit in or be taken seriously….Oh she cant be a witch, she isn’t wearing a purple velvet camelot dress, she doesn’t have twenty pentagrams and other various occult symbols around her neck, she doesn’t have tattoos of occult symbols, bright red or blue hair…..blah blah.

Wearing Witchy clothes does not make you a Witch, if that was so, then if I dress like a Pirate, does that make me one? If I dress in hospital scrubs, does that make me a doctor? If I dress like a pumpkin does that make me a pumpkin?   No, no it doesn’t. And to judge someone on what they do or do not wear is short sighted and bigoted.

A Witch is a Witch regardless of what they wear, they can be naked and still be a Witch. A Witch is a Witch with every fibre of their being, blood, muscle hair and bone. It is a mental, spiritual and physical transformation; brought on by applying the knowledge they have gained into their lives, that marks them as a Witch.

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I will give you two examples from my own experiences to illustrate. First, I had not long been elevated to the Third Degree and become the High Priestess of my Coven, the Circle of Heka. I was walking through a shopping centre, I had just been to the gym and I was wearing workout clothes, my hair was pulled back, a bit sweaty…you get the picture. So as I was walking along, a little boy pointed at me and said…Mum, look and the pretty shiny lady…mum can you see? Look… His mum quickly pulled him away, saying sorry. Now, I wasn’t feeling or looking for that matter very spiritual or ethereal, but a child, who still has their true eyes could see.

The second example is that, my boyfriend mentioned the other day that I can make people uncomfortable. It could be that I have a low bullshit threshold, and I have been known to let you know, that you have exceeded the limit, with a look. But I have had that mentioned to me in the past, and it is not something that they can clearly put into words. It is not anything that I do or say per say, (none of these people know of my extra curricula activities as I don’t go around introducing myself as a Witch), all they said is that they felt the need to be respectful around me and careful not to piss me off……Hmmm..Interesting.

So what are the qualities of the Witch? Well like all people, everyone is different and no two witches are the same but for me the following are the core things a Witch should be. A Witch acts with Integrity, Discipline and Respect, this is self-evident in all affairs. A Witch has great knowledge and mastery of self, and understanding of both the Microcosm and Macrocosm. A Witch is no fool and nobodies slave, they are Balanced and Sovereign and they understand what that means.  

A Witch does not allow stupidity.

Now I am not talking about intellect or IQ points. Stupidity – (lacking in common sense, perception, trivial, silly, or frivolous) Lets just say, garbage in – garbage out.  Our Society thrives on stupidity, and it is promoted and cultivated by our media. Just watch television – if you can stomach it – for 30 minutes and you will see what I mean. You are bombarded daily with mis-information, dumbed down shows that celebrate stupidity so that you no longer think critically, because switching that part of your brain off, is the only way you can watch. For a Witch, critical thinking is needed; do not blindly go along with whatever you are told. Research, looking into everything before taking it on board. Just because Sabrina, Willow or Morgana does it, should not be the reason you do.

A Witch does not follow the Herd. 

This follows on from the above. A Witch is not a sheep, a witch has always walked on the fringe, and from this vantage point you can look at things from both perspectives. Truth is what you seek, blindly following, is not the way of the Witch. And just because it is the norm, or what everyone does, does not mean it is right.

A Witch is not Pretentious and/or have an over inflated ego. 

Now don’t get me wrong, a healthy ego is a good thing. But unchecked and unbalanced it can lead you down the road of empty posturing and inflated self-importance. You should then look at why you want to be a Witch. If it is to obtain power over others, because you feel disempowered and you want people to be afraid of you and/or bow down to you, to make yourself feel better. If this is true, then the path of the Witch is not for you. 

Lead by example – Walk your Talk 

Witches do not or at least should not proselytize. We do seek to educate anyone that seeks knowledge from us. We do not ram “our way’ down peoples throats, we do not go about getting bums on seats. I know that you are excited about finding a path that sings to you and you want to tell everyone you know about it. That’s great! But remember not everyone will want to hear about your new path, not everyone will be in a place to understand your new path.

Think about it in a different way, your friend has taken up the sport of tennis. Now, every conversation is turned around to tennis, they try and get you to come to matches, and to join their club, because you would just love it. They quote tennis players, they dress in tennis gear and if you say well I like football and tennis just does not interest me. They poo poo your interest and keep pushing their tennis.

There is no problem with being passionate about something; you just have to remember that not everyone shares your passion. And if you beat someone over the head with your way, it makes me think that maybe you have a need to control others, especially if you see them as being stupid, or inferior to you because they don’t think the same as you. In my mind, leading by example is best. You walk your talk, but you don’t shoot your mouth off, you don’t try and convert others.

You are confident travelling down the path of the Witch and you don’t feel the need to legitimise your experience by bringing others with you. People will notice a change in you, and may ask what it is, they have asked you, so you give them information, but don’t go over board. If they are truly interested they will come back.

Think of it as when a child asks were babies’ come from, you gauge the age and level of the child and answer accordingly. You don’t sit them down with diagrams and XY chromosome breakdowns if the child is 5 years old and just needs a simple from mummy’s tummy answer. Now with that said, I’m not saying you treat people like 5 year olds, but you do need to think about what that person is asking and what amount of information you need to give so that they will understand, I find analogies work well, and using concepts they are familiar with, such as…a spell is much like an elaborate prayer…..we see deity as both male and female, kind of like our mother and our father…..and so on.

There is the saying – “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Walk your talk, be the change, reflect that to others and when the time is right they will join you. And if not, that’s cool too, because you are comfortable with who you are, and are quite capable to walk the path alone.

A Witch maintains a clean Temple. 

No I’m not talking about cleaning the wax off the Altar, or making sure the tools are cleaned and polished. Your body is your Temple; your body is your House. Again we go back to Garbage in Garbage out, what you feed the microcosm (Your Mind, Body and Spirit) reflects in the Macrocosm (your life and ultimately the lives of others). Now I am not about telling people what they can and cannot, eat, drink, do, watch, wear etc. When you are in my circle I will treat you like an adult and I would expect that you act like one. So the choice is up to you, you have to be aware of the results of your choices and take responsibility for the choices you make. You are what you eat. Your Temple, your house, your biological space suit for the soul needs energy, what type of fuel will determine the results. Again I am not going to say, you must eat this, and you can never eat that, you make up your own mind on what is best for you. I will only say what I have found true for me.

a. Eat food packed with energy. 

We are made up of energy so our body’s need energy rich natural food. Now I hear you all thinking to yourselves, this is where she talks about the plant based lifestyle. No, sorry to burst your bubble. I am not a Vegetarian/Vegan…..Ohh Shock Horror. Many will tell you that all Witches are Vegetarian/Vegans, and if you want to be a Witch or Spiritual, you have to become a Veg/Vegan. Humbug!!! With that said I try and eat as much organic food that my budget will allow, and I eat according to what my body needs to thrive. Please note that I said, “my body”. We are all unique individuals and what works for you, may not work for everyone else. Foods that my give you energy, may be toxic to others. Find the foods that give you life and make you healthy and eat them.

b. Stay away from highly processed food. I mean if it comes in a packet and has added health stuff, it ain’t healthy. Highly processed food, is dead food, vitamins, and nutrients have been boiled, sifted and filtered out, then other things such as high amounts of sugar and salt have been added to give it flavour and promote a long shelf life. These frankin-foods are not real food and will build up, creating a toxic environment in the body. This can mean that you set your body up to be unable to extract nutrients from the unprocessed food you eat. The more nutrient rich, energy dense food you eat, the more energy you have and the more energy you are able to manipulate through and with your body. The human body is a tube through which energy is conveyed, if the tube is clean and full of life force energy, life force energy will flow unhindered and uncorrupted.

c. Stop consuming mainstream and mindless media. Again garbage in garbage out. I shouldn’t have to say anymore, but just in case you are unsure. Watching hours of news programs, television programs, Netflix programs or hours of mindless, social media, tiktok videos, or youtube videos. Videos and shows that add no value, and celebrate the stupidity of people, or in the case of news media, promote fear. This acts on the brain, causing it to rewire in a distorted way. When you watch the TV you go into an altered state of consciousness and are susceptible to suggestion. Repetition of themes and ideas you are constantly exposed to, changes the way you think and what you think. Now I don’t want to tell you what you can and can’t watch, But I do ask the you be mindful and think critiquely about what you are being shown, and how it is contributing to how you think about the world. Are they your ideas, or are they influenced by the media you consume. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to program my mind, with what I want, not with what someone else wants.

d. Drink clean mineralized water. By clean, I mean free of chemicals, just to name a few that are in our water – Fluoride and chlorine. I won’t go into why right now, but pure chemical free mineralized water, at least 2Litres should be consumed daily. We are water beings; our body is made up of mostly water. Toxins are filtered through the body with the help of water; our cells take up energy more effectively when hydrated. Note: don’t go overboard, try and listen to your body, water is also consumed through the food we eat, and too much water can lead to health problems.

e. Move your body. Your body is a biological machine for your soul to reside in. This machine needs, good quality fuel, lubrication, quality truthful data input and must move. Physical activity is needed to help achieve balance, many functions within the body only happen with kinetic movement. Your body, your temple is how you affect change within this plain, a strong, flexible body, supports the mind and the spirit.  Now you can do anything you like, go for a walk, ride a bike, play a sport, whatever you are capable of doing and what you enjoy. It shouldn’t be a chore and it is about becoming in touch with your body. I myself suggest taking up some form of Martial Arts, not only will you connect with your body, but also you will develop disciple, strength of will, integrity….just to name a few things. By training in the Martial Arts, I found out volumes about myself, and I would recommend it to anyone thinking about training as a Witch.

A Witch is Sovereign

(Sovereign = One that exercises supreme, permanent authority, Self-governing; independent). A Witch rules themselves; a Witch takes action in their lives and takes responsibility for their choices, right or wrong. A Witch does not allow themselves to be ruled or suppressed by others. A Witch is not a blind follower of the herd, people, or ideologies. Lastly, a Witch is Balanced in mind, body and spirit, finding their centre and becoming a whole being.

None of this happens over night, and there are no gold stars for being militant about aspects of your witchy/spiritual life. No ancient incantations intoned over sacred fires will instantly make you a Witch. Many lessons and knowledge, cannot be taught, they must be experienced. The Witch Spark is alive in many, and can be seen with the right eyes open. Not all that hold the spark with fan the flames and become witches, but they will carry that spark to future generations that will.

Witches are sculpted by lessons learn’t and polished by knowledge gained. Over time the true beauty can be seen from what was once rough clay and stone. How beautiful or intricate the design and shape, is up to you.

Blessed Be

Lady Amaris xxx