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Difference Between Essential Oils and Spell Oils


So what are the differences between Essential oils & Spell oils or Infused oils. Now I get this question alot. Can I use these oils in my diffuser? And the other one is, What do I do with these spell oils. Which I'll cover in another post, but the simple answer is. No you can't use these spell oils in your oil diffuser.

We will talk about why people commonly confuse the term essential oil with infused oils or lump them in as the same thing. Not realising they are, in fact two different types of extraction. So let’s take a look at Essential Oils, these are extremely popular right now. Many a budding entrepreneur have aligned themselves with one of the many big companies mass manufacturing oils at the moment.

Essential Oils are created using a method called distillation.

This requires expensive distillation equipment and a large amount of fresh plant material to extract the essence or soul of a plant. Plants generally contain very small amounts of this essence or soul, in some cases using anywhere from 5 to 20 kilograms of plant material, to make just 30 mils of essential oil. This is effectively only using one third of the medicinal properties of the plant. Essential oils are by their nature are concentrated and if used incorrectly can be harmful. Remember in some cases you are using the condensed amount of 20 kilograms of plant matter, that’s about one and a half kilograms of plant, for every drop of oil. That is the same as you drinking a liter of orange juice which is about ten oranges. You can very easily drink one liter of orange juice especially when you’re thirsty, getting a really large dose of sugar in the process. But it is very hard to eat ten oranges, with all that fiber that is contained to slow down that sugar in just one sitting.

…anywhere from 5 to 20 kilograms of plant material, to make just 30 mils of essential oil.

Essential Oils with children and pets

With Essential oils you must be aware that there are different uses and strengths for adults and children, oil burners are great, but they should not be running for hours at a time as this can cause an overdose. Especially for young children and pets. Some oils are great for pets and others can be very harmful, many times resulting in the death of a beloved pet. During pregnancy there are oils to be avoided and others that are very beneficial. Essential oils can also interfere with existing medications, so talk to your doctor before using them.

Don’t believe the hype

As essential oils are also a concentrate, they should not be applied directly to the skin without diluting first, or taken internally. Now don’t get me wrong, essential oils are great, but I have seen many the budding entrepreneur giving herbal medicine advice without any formal qualifications. Sales information does not equal formal training, if in doubt, do some research, talk to your doctor and try not to get swept away by the sales pitch and hype.

How are Spell Oils different

So that’s essential oils. What about HEKA Spell oils or the infusion method for oils. This method is the Old World or Traditional method for extraction. Where the whole plant is infused into a carrier oil such as olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil to extract there medicinal and magical properties. Distillation equipment is not required and this method is generally more sustainable. As a smaller volume of the plant is needed, with all of the plant material being used, so not just the essence of the plant but also the blood and body of the plant.

Infusing oils can also be used topically and internally more safely than essential oils, as they are not concentrated.

Producing a broader spectrum of benefits, this infusion process can take anywhere from two weeks to six months, depending on the plants uses and the potency required. Many plants such as calendula cannot be extracted using the distillation method and must be infused into an oil for use. Infusing oils can also be used topically and internally more safely than essential oils, as they are not concentrated.

Ingesting spell oils is not recommended

f off spell oil
F-Off Oil for removing the nasties from your life.

Again use caution, as not all infused oils are the same and I do not recommend ingesting any of my spell oils. When it comes to spell oils, many can contain plants that can be toxic and should not be ingested or placed on the skin. Just as a hint, any of our spell oils with a baneful name such as Spider oil or F-off oil, Die Screaming MF oil.

Please do not ingest these and wash your hands or wear gloves when you use them. Use common sense and if you are unsure please ask. Our spell oils are created using the infusion method with a variety of plants, stones and in some blends essential oils for the smell are used. This means not all oils will have a nice smell and with the exception of the baneful oils can be applied to the skin straight away. Also spell oils cannot be used in oil burners and diffusers as they are infused carrier oils, using them in a diffuser will clog the machine. You should only use water and drops of essential oil in your diffuser, so it can create a fine mist in the air with the oils. I hope that clears up some misconceptions. I look forward to seeing you again when we discuss what the spell oils do. How to use them and best practices.

Many Blessings, Lady Amaris xxx