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How to use Spell Oils


One of the most frequently asked questions of anyone coming to my store is. What do I do with these oils? How do I use them?

One of the most frequently asked questions of anyone coming to my store is. What do I do with these oils? How do I use them? This is not unusual, especially if you’re not used to using spell oils in general.

If you’re just familiar with using aromatherapy oils, spell oils are slightly different. One of the main things that you need to remember with a spell oil, is that spell oils, are made by infusing the whole plant, in the oil, as apposed to the extract. It’s the whole energy of that plant that is being used in the oil. You also have different curios that may be placed in the oil. Many will contain some essential oils, some are just for the smell and others are to use the added essence of the plants in there as well, all combined into the oil, for a specific purpose.

What is the purpose of the oil?

money drawing oil back

Depending on what the oils name is, will obviously delineate what the purpose of the oil is going to be. Ca$h Be Mine Oil = Money, Dragons Breath Protection Oil = Protection, Shut Your Mouth Oil = Silence. That’s going to help you to know how to use that oil. The energy that’s going to be in the plants, and the energy that’s going to be in that oil, is going to be just for that oil. So then the intent, the visualisations, the programming of all of those components, into that spell oil is for that specific intent. If the intent is say, to draw money, then all of those herbs that are used in that oil, will be for drawing money. If it is for love then all of those herbs will be used with the intent of drawing love. If it’s for protection, again all of those herbs, all of the things contained in the oil have being constructed for protection.

Now sometimes you’ll have similar herbs or one herb which can be used for protection, it can be used for money, and can be used for love. In this case we are telling that plant, that this is what it’s going to be used for, not anything else. So this is going to be the same when you actually use the oil yourself. If you are using an oil for protection let’s say, you have a person in mind or a situation in mind that you want to be protected from. Then this is when you tell the oil what you are doing and what you want.

Programming the Oil

So what does that mean? You program the oil with your intent, you program it with your wish, your need. This is done through emotion, visualisation and words of power. This is the same as with oils you buy. It’s not just put this stuff on and off you go. You have to let the bits and pieces in the oil know, what it is that they are supposed to be doing. If it’s for protection, you need to place that into the oil and say this oil is for protection from Joe Blow, or this oil is for my job promotion. Programming the oil makes it go from a generic oil, to a powerful personalised oil.

Depending on what oil it is, will obviously delineate the method of transfer for that energy. So the energy that was within the oil will then be transferred onto those parts the oil touches along with your visualisation of your intent or means that it will then be programmed with your goal in mind.

What if another person touches the oil, or anointed object?

That means that if someone else touches the oil, or the object the oil is on, that is not intended for them, then there is nothing that’s going to happen to that person.

That is one of the things that I think people are a little bit worried about. If they put something somewhere, someone else is going to touch it and they’re going to have something bad happen to them and that’s not the case. If you have a specific person in mind say, that Joe Blow is barred from entry to your house, then Joe Blow is the only one that the oil is programmed to bar from this house everyone else you know is fine.

So you can have friends and neighbours come over if that’s what usually happens, but this person here cannot enter. It’s kind of like having a door man at your door, that has a list of names of people that are allowed to come in and a list of people who cannot enter and you’ve just let the doorman know who is on what list. That’s programming the oil, if it’s for protection again you use that visualisation and telling that oil what it is for, so it’s barring that person from entry. It’s almost like an electric fence around if they tried to get close, you know they get electrified.

This is what you need to do to make the oil your own, it’s initialising that oil and making sure that it’s specifically for you and you alone.

How do use spell oils

You can put it in things and on things. Such as you can use it to anoint a candle. Now I’ll go through anointing a candle in more depth in another post. But in short, you just placed some oil on your hands rub together, thinking about what it is that you are wanting and then you will rub the candle between your hands and get that oil on the candle pushing that intent, push that goal, push that need that you have, that you want, with your hands and the oil. The oil is a conveyance and an amplifier of energy, to start bringing into manifestation the goal, that you push into the candle. Then light the wick and obviously keep going with your intentions and your visualisations as you work the candle. You can also add the oil to self poured candles so the oil becomes part of the candle itself.

One thing to keep in mind. Don’t put oil on your body without testing it first. Everyone has different skin, and we all react differently. As a rule of thumb, don’t put banishing or cursing oils on your skin. Many of the ingredients may be toxic, and harmful to your health.

So if it’s a protection oil you can put it on what you would like to have protected. Person, home, car etc. So it could be your car, you would place just a dot on the four corners of your car, front back and sides. When you’re doing this you see that the car is protected, bumper to bumper, all the way around the car, that it’s in this mesh of protection around it, so nothing can bang into it, no one can take it, or do anything to your car because it is now protected, sealed from malice and from harm.

A little bit goes a long way

You don’t need to pour the oil all over the car, it just needs a couple of dots or a dot on on each side. That’s the main thing when it comes to using these oils, you don’t need to slather things with oil, you don’t need to be dripping with oil, a little bit goes a long way.

So you can use it in and on your house for protection, your door handles, windows, window sills, walls. put it on the letterbox at the front of the house, you can even anoint crystals that you may then bury in your in your house or around your house. You can write any protection symbols or sigils that you have with the oil, or a simple dot is fine. Layering more into your magic is good. Visualisation, seeing yourself protected, seeing that wall of protection come up when you place that oil. Your imagination is going to be your only hindrance, when it comes to possible applications.

For a spell where you want to influence someone else, maybe it is a lover or potential lover or it may be someone you work with a co-worker or a boss. You can place a little bit of oil onto something that they would touch like a door handle, car door handles, if you know what car they have, it could be anything. Even when it comes to touching your hand so you can place some of that oil onto your hands and in a job interview if you have a success oil or a get the job oil you can place that on your hands and then handshake with your employer or with your prospective employer. You don’t want to be dripping in oil, you don’t want to be that weird drippy person that no one wants to be near because you smell funny and have a wet clammy handshake.

Again less is more, please don’t slather oil all over the place, because people are not going to want to touch anything that looks slimy, so I can’t stress this enough, a little bit goes a long way.

What other ways can I use the oil?

You can put money oil on your bank notes, if you want more money then you place a little bit of oil on your wallet, on your bank statements, any financial statements and as I said a little bit goes a long way. You can use protection oil to anoint a photograph of someone, say a family member that is going away on holiday and you want to make sure that they are protected while they’re away.

You can write with the oil on the photograph that this person is protected they are wrapped in the loving arms of whatever deity that you happen to be working with. See that they’re safe and happy, that there’s is a bubble around them, that no harm can befall them, they are safe and happy and they leave for their trip and they’re wonderful and happy on their trip and then they come home on from their trip and everything’s fine.

Other ways to use the oil

For a love spell a photograph of a person.

On your body, your hands, on your heart chakra, you can place it behind your neck, put a few drops in some of your body moisturiser.

A protection oil placed on your solar plexus, on your heart, behind your neck. If something is going to come at you, any predator will always try and get you from behind when you’re not looking.

A little bit in the shoes for protection or if it’s for someone that you want to get to leave maybe someone who is overstaying their welcome in your house a couple of drops of F-Off Oil or any oil that gets people to move on quickly into their shoes will help them to scamper off and find someone else to sponge off.

Placing a few drops of oil into your floor washing of floors. Say you have a home business, use Open Doors, Open Roads Oil, Crown of Success Oil and Ca$h Be Mine Oil you can place a couple of drops into a fresh bucket of water, after washing the floor then begin rinsing or wash the walls or whatever the case may be, and do so with intent. Remember just a couple of drops, you don’t want a lot in there to make the water all slimy.

Add a couple of drops in your clothes washing detergent you can put it into some clothing that you may wear on a date then you can layer oil on your body you could maybe put a little bit into your moisturiser layering on all of these these magics in different things. If you’re going for a job interview and you can wash the clothes that you’re going to wear for their job interview with a couple of drops of Crown of Success Oil in the washing water. For the purpose of protection wash your kids clothing in some Dragons Breath Protection Oil so that when they go to school or when they go out they are protected their clothing becomes an suit of armour.

Mix it up, experiment, try new things

Mix it up, do whatever feels right, remember with oil less is more you don’t make everything all oily and gross. Have some fun with it. Use your imagination, think of different ways to use spell oils. I hope this was informative, I hope this gave you a little bit of an understanding and a bit of an idea as to what to do with these oils.

Many Blessings

Lady Amaris xxx