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Prosperity Rice


Bring in the cornucopia that is abundant wealth and happiness into your life.

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Rice is a symbol of wealth and luxury in many cultures around the world. Lucky Green Rice or Prosperity Rice is used to bring wealth, prosperity, good luck, and success in business.  Use in success spells and spell bags. Put some rice in your wallet or purse to attract money. Sprinkle some under door mats or place some of the rice in an open container near the front door, to attract good luck. Sprinkle around your place of business and in your cash register to attract customers and bring an added boost to sales. Comes in a small bottle which, contains herbs, stones, essential oils and bits of real cash!

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PLEASE NOTE: Although we believe all of our magical items work as intended, items are sold as curios, for entertainment purposes only. We make no guaranteed that your spell will work with our products. And we are not liable for damages resulting from errors and/or improper use of our products.

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Weight 30 g
Dimensions 25 × 50 mm

1 review for Prosperity Rice

  1. lyndatron (verified owner)

    It is my belief that the good luck I experience both financially, and in other areas of my life has improved dramatically since discovering Prosperity Rice. I sprinkle some in my wallets, my savings boxes and have included it care packages to my family and friends over seas. I highly recommend it, a small grain of hope goes a long way.

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