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Adam and Eve Root


The Adam & Eve Root is a magical herb used in rituals for love & attraction.

Their resemblance to genitalia makes them very potent herb for sympathetic magic.

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The Adam Root is phallic shaped (it is not actually a root but a bud) and the Eve Root is the round Seed Shell. Use one to represent one partner and the other to represent the other partner, with whatever is done to the roots will affect the relationship.
Use the roots to strengthen your love and commitment in your current relationship, the female lover carries the Adam Root (shaped like a stick) and the male lover carries the Eve Root (shape is round). These roots will keep the love that binds you strong.

To attract a new love partner:
Anoint each root with a little Attraction Oil, Come to Me oil or Adam and Eve oil, and place in a red spell bag. Light a Red and a Pink Candle, while dressing both roots with oil, say out loud the qualities you seek in your ideal lover. Be specific, but I advise against naming a person. When you have finished dressing both roots and placed them in the spell bag, carry it with you.

To keep a lover close/strengthen a relationship:
If your lover is a little on-the-fence in the relationship, use Adam and Eve roots to bring them closer to you. This spell take seven days and works best if the seventh day is on the full moon.

Dress the roots with Follow Me, Attraction, or Come to me oil, and place them at opposite ends of a space where they will not be disturbed. In the centre, place a pink candle inscribed with your’s and your lover’s names, place candle on top of a magnet. Every day, light the candle, allow it to burn for 5 minutes as you anoint the Adam and Eve roots with a fresh drop of oil, and move them slightly closer together. State that as the roots draw closer, so does your partner, and state how you what your relationship to be going forward. At the end of the seven days, take the roots, magnet, remaining wax and other herbs and curios for attraction and commitment. Place in a red spell bag, that you carry with you or hang under your bed.


PLEASE NOTE: Although we believe all of our magical items work as intended, items are sold as curios, for entertainment purposes only. We make no guaranteed that your spell will work with our products. And we are not liable for damages resulting from errors and/or improper use of our products.

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