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Fertility Glass 7 Day Candle


Prepare the way for birth, when trying to conceive.

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The womb is the gateway of life, but sometimes that gateway is blocked. This candle acts as a conduit for healing; allowing positive healing energy to flow into the body, and negative disease-causing energy to flow out. The candle is designed to help you, work through and mend any mental, physical and spiritual blocks, you may have in-order to open the way for you to conceive.

This candle is hand poured and prepared (or fixed) with oil, herbs, intent and energy. During the corresponding day and planet times. The herbs and oils used are also, blended and charged with the appropriate moon energy.

Suggested directions for use are sent with each candle.

Please practice fire safety, do not leave any candle unattended.

  • This candle will burn approximately 140 hours
  • Soy/Paraffin Wax Mix

Medical Disclaimer: This candle does not and should not replace any medical advise, and nothing stated should be seen as such. If you have questions concerning your fertility please see a licensed medical professional.

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Weight 655 g
Dimensions 62 × 210 mm


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