Southern Hemisphere Witchcraft Mystery Box for New Witches, Practicing Witches and those looking for a little magick.

Our HEKA Mystery Boxes are similar to a monthly subscription box, but without being tied into a contract. You can pick the boxes you are interested in, when you want them.

Each themed mystery box is designed to synchronize and connect you with the energies of the Southern Hemisphere. Containing a mixture of handmade occult items, lovingly created by myself, and infused with magickal purpose.

Perfect for those new to the craft, wishing to stock their own witchy cabinet, as a gift box or for the seasoned witch, why not treat yourself to a magical surprise each month, all without the commitment of a subscription.

Each month a limited amount of our HEKA Mystery Boxes are made. Once they’re gone they are not restocked. Each months box is released on the 5th of the month, with postage being on that day, or the closest following business day.
Pre-order your box today!

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