Hex Buster Spray


Bust that Hex, and send it packing.

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Hex is the German word for Spell. Spells can be for good or ill, they can be placed on you by others, or surprising for some to hear, they can be placed on you, by you. This spray is used when you feel, that something is not right. If you feel that work has been done on you. Before it has a chance to take hold. Spray yourself and cut the connection. This spray, should form the start of the cleansing/protection process, and should not be seen as a cure all.
Take it with you to work or when traveling, fits neatly into your handbag or office desk draw.
30 ml (Please shake before use.)
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PLEASE NOTE: Although we believe all of our magical items work as intended, items are sold as curios, for entertainment purposes only. We make no guaranteed that your spell will work with our products. And we are not liable for damages resulting from errors and/or improper use of our products.
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Weight 82 g
Dimensions 30 × 105 mm
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