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Magical Uses: Love, Healing, Protection, prophecy, and Dreams.

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Common Name: Mugwort

Botanical name: Artemisia vulgris

Folk names: Artemisia, Artemis Herb, Muggons, Naughty Man, Old Man, Old Uncle Henry, Sailor’s Tobacco.

Origin: Hungary

Size: 10 grams

Mugwort an essential part of any cunning cupboard, and used for a range of purposes, including love, healing, protection, prophecy, and dreams. A common ingredient in dream pillows, an infusion of Mugwort can also be used to wash your crystal ball or scrying mirror, which will increase its power.

Burning of the herb, alone or with Wormwood will heighten psychic ability. One may also drink an infusion of Mugwort before scrying for this purpose, or before bed to induce prophetic dreams. Carried, Mugwort will protect from all supernatural threat and bane. Mugwort is the main ingredient in modern day flying ointments.

Pregnant women, should avoid consuming large amounts of mugwort.

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Note: All herbs, resins, roots, flowers, and powders are sold for incense, spell and ritual work only. Always consult a physician before using herbal products, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medication(s).
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