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Jezebel Oil


For the ladies that want to level up.

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Jezebel Oil is a traditional Hoodoo (American Style Folk Magick) Oil known to help a woman draw in a wealthy man or rich husband! Allegedly used by prostitutes to help attract wealthy clients. It is believed to help give a woman a favourable position in both business matters and love. This oil is used when you wish to control a situation involving interactions with the opposite sex. This oil is a favourite amongst sex workers to attract wealthy clients, restaurant servers who would like more or larger tips and if your income is commission based. And any other type of financial negotiation or transaction you can think of.
Foremost to remember is Jezebel Oil is a domination oil, so be mindful on how you use this!
Jezebel Oil can be worn on the body, placed in the bath, anointed onto jewellery, talismans business cards, dabbed onto a contract, or financial paperwork. You can rubbed it on your hands or body. Just remember less is more. No one is going to give you money, a job or a raise, if you and your stuff is all oily and weird smelling.
Jezebel oil has also in the past been used as a cursing oil, for that unsavoury female that may be all up in your business. This oil has not intentionally been made with this goal in mind but it can be used in conjunction with other oils, if you wish to use it that way.
This Oil includes  Jezebel root, patchouli, calamus, rose and other powerful and potent love and commanding herbs.

Jezebel was a infamous Phoenician princess who through her marriage to King Ahab of the ancient Israelites managed to persuade him among other things to allow her worship the ancient pagan god, Baal. Jezebel was a keen politician and a courageous female, outspoken for her day and profoundly influential in her interactions with others. Jezebel has garnered many negative connotations associated from the old testament, but remember any woman who was powerful and outspoken in the bible was a threat and evil.

Do not ingest.

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