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Hekate Glass 7 Day Devotional Candle


Hecate, Goddess of Witches, Goddess of Life, Death and Rebirth.


Hecate, goddess of the crossroads, the three paths, guardian of the household, protector of everything newly born, and goddess of the dead. Her name means “bright or luminous one from afar”.  This candle is designed to invoke Hecate and in all of her wonderful glory, use as a devotional candle or use in rituals and spells where Hecate’s presence is desired.

Available in black and white.

This candle is hand poured and prepared (or fixed) with oil, herbs, intent and energy. During the corresponding day and planet times. The herbs and oils used are also, blended and charged with the appropriate moon energy.

Suggested directions for use are sent with each candle.

Please practice fire safety, do not leave any candle unattended.

  • This candle will burn approximately 140 hours
  • Soy/Paraffin Wax Mix

Additional information

Weight 655 g
Dimensions 62 × 62 × 210 mm

Black, White


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