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Handmade Wax Pantacle


Handmade Wax Pantacle for your altar. The Pantacle is almost entirely forgotten. The Pantacle is a plate that sits on the altar and in British Traditional Witchcraft is used as a teaching tool. It is traditionally round with symbols carved into it to help students learn the lessons of the Craft. It is often confused with a Pentacle, but it is not the same thing. A Pantacle is the symbolic representation of the knowledge of the Witch that can be unlocked and used, to teach and to empower works with the combined knowledge and energy of the BTW current of magick.

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Created between the New and Full Moon, then blessed and charged on the Full Moon. Each pantacle contains a special blend of herbs, resins and crystals to empower and awaken its energies. Use this pantacle as a focus for charging your spells, for blessing objects, or as a symbol of protection in your home.

We can custom make your pantacle, to contain your own specific blend of herbs and crystals that align with your personal path or tradition, just let us know.

Size: 135mm x 20mm

Picture for illustration only, colours may vary slightly form pictured.


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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 135 × 20 mm


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