Money Spell Kit


Draw money and prosperity to you and your family.


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Simple easy to use spell to open up opportunities to bring more wealth into the home. Don’t expect to do the spell and then have a big lottery win the next day. Not saying that cannot happen. What the spell is about, is creating achievable sustained wealth, by placing opportunities in your path. Be it a better paying job, a raise, overtime, someone pays back the money they owe you, or even finding money that has blown in your front door from the street. Don’t laugh, that last one happened to me.  What I am saying is please don’t go looking only for the big win, as you are likely to miss all the other opportunities presented to you. Opportunities that may look small at first, but can grow to big things in the future.

Spell Kit contains:
Spell Candle and Sigil
Money Rice and Crystal
Spell Incense and Spell Oil
Simple Starter Spell

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