Custom Charm Bag


Custom made charm bags, made for your specific need.


Each charm bag is constructed with a selection of appropriate roots, herbs, seeds, shells, powders, various oils, magical sigils and other items to fuel the function of the charm.

The charm will then be ritually charged and blessed. Once completed, instructions for appropriate care and upkeep of your charm bag will also be given, to ensure the charm stays empowered and constantly working towards the desired outcome.

Charm bags are little talismans, designed to be carried upon the person, and should only be touched by the person it is for. Your Charm Bag will need to be recharged and empowered at regular intervals. This is known as feeding the charm. I recommended that you purchase an appropriate oil and/or incense for this.

To help us create your personal charm bag. Once you have selected the type of charm you like. We ask that you provide us with your full name, your birth date, and briefly state any details concerning the situation the charm bag is for.

Type of Charms:
Love Drawing
Money Drawing
Personal Power/Courage/Confidence
Protection Shield
Good Luck
Road Open
Burning Lust
Legal Win
Witch Sight
Healing (This is not designed to replace professional medical advice, but to complement and work with it).

Please allow time for your charm bag to be made. Can take between 2 to 4 weeks to be made and charged with the correct luna energies.

Picture for illustration only, and is not indicative of how your charm bag will look.

PLEASE NOTE: Although we believe all of our magical items work as intended, items are sold as curios, for entertainment purposes only. We make no guaranteed that your spell will work with our products. And we are not liable for damages resulting from errors and/or improper use of our products.

Additional information
Weight 30 g
Select Charm Type

Love Drawing, Money Drawing, Personal Power/Courage/Confidence, Protection Shield, Good Luck, Road Open, Burning Lust, Legal Win, Witch Sight, Healing

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